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Heroes of Noise


A weekly fan-based podcast covering movies, tv, music, comics, and all aspects of pop culture we love

We are the Heroes of Noise Podcast and we have every intention of being your new favorite podcast.

Hosted by Dan and Steve

Oct 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! We’re back with another show for you. We’re calling this one the “Geek Out / Freak Out” Episode.

 We really hope you’re digging the new show as much as we are. We’re having a blast. We'd truly appreciate it if you'd leave us a 5 Star review in iTunes or on Stitcher. You'd be doing us a solid as it help us get noticed. Thanks in advance!

Please enjoy the first half where we bring you the week in entertainment news (The Geek out).

Let’s get to it: 

Pt 1: The Geek Out-

• Cobra Kai YouTube Red Series based on the Karate Kid
• Preacher renewed for Season 3
• Dave Blass begins work on Locke and Key
• Zachary Levi as Shazam
• We think Chris Hemsworth is about to crush it in Thor Ragnarok $108,000,000 overseas
• Rotten Tomatoes will not dictate what we think about new movies
• Jim Carey Documentary Jim and Andy- The Great Beyond looks promising.
• Ace Ventura remake?
• Top Gun Sequel has Goose’s Son
• Another Lethal Weapon sequel?!
• Jordan Peele TV series “The Hunt” about a band of Nazi Killers
• Joe Manganiello Deathstroke movie on the way
• Spike Lee “The Black Clansman”
• Bad Boys TV Series starring Gabrielle Union
• Director of The Exorcist comes out and says that Exorcist 2 was terrible.
• Robert Rodriguez stuck it to Weinstein by casting Rose Mcgowan
• Steve corrects himself about the Walking Dead cast salary. Thanks to our listener Seth for this info

• Listener email from Johnny Bucks

Pt 2: The Freakout

We follow things up with some stories from our lives where we both witnessed things we can’t explain. Ghosts, extraterrestrial activity, strangers in the dark.. it’s all here.

Lastly we do a speed round of horror movies that have had a lasting effect on us. 

Here's a link to a YouTube video that shows what Dan saw (Not the actual footage, but exactly what it looked like:


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