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Heroes of Noise


A weekly fan-based podcast covering movies, tv, music, comics, and all aspects of pop culture we love

We are the Heroes of Noise Podcast and we have every intention of being your new favorite podcast.

Hosted by Dan and Steve

Mar 6, 2018

  Welcome back, Citizens! We know we're a little early but what the hell, right?

  This week we bring you Episode 18 and we're damn happy to be doing so. In this episode, we talk about Mute, The Mortified Guide, Heavy Metal Parking Lot (an oldie but a goody), The Push, Ugly Delicious, Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle, Game Night, Seven Seconds, Wind River, Cabin Fever, and Jeepers Creepers III.

  We also introduce you to our friend Maya The Quiztress. Maya joins us for what is hopefully going to be an ongoing  segment where we both get quizzed for a change.

So sit back, strap in, and shut up, and listen in. It's time for the Heroes of Noise to bring it. Enjoy!


00:06:11 -  Contact Info

00:07:46 - We get quizzed by special guest Maya the Quiztress

00:21:33 - What We're Watching

Dan's Picks:

00:23:33 - "Mute" (Netflix)

00:27:42 - "The Mortified Guide" (Netflix)

See The Mortified Podcast Live. Tour Dates Here

00:30:47 - "Heavy Metal Parking Lot"

Watch Heavy Metal Parking Lot  right here

00:33:28  - Derren Brown's "The Push" (Netflix)

00:37:26 - "Ugly Delicious" (Netflix)

00:46:40 - "Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle"

00:50:24 - "Game Night"

Steve's Picks:

00:55:25 - "Seven Seconds" (Netflix)

00:58:23 - "Wind River"

01:12:15 - "Cabin Fever" (Remake)

01:17:32 - Jeepers Creepers III (followed by a discussion about horror movies and Hollywood Horror Nights)

01:28:25 - Steve gets on a roll of failed show segment and listener names and Dan calls out to our listeners for help.

01:43:37 - A few Oscar Predictions

Heroes of Noise Podcast Contact and Show Info:



Show Twitter: @HeroesofNoise

Hosts Twitter: @DanQPublic, @S.E._Hudsonmusic

Facebook: Heroes of Noise Podcast

Instagram: @heroesofnoisepodcast

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